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16 Easy Songs for Drill & Banjo - Save Your Seeds

in 1937 congress bought anslinger’s line
they were making marijuana a sin and a crime
now you can beat the government and the dealers too
the answers in your hands, here’s what you can do

save your seeds, save your seeds
sandy soil and water is all you’re gonna need
save your seeds, save your seeds
it doesn’t take a miracle
to cultivate a weed

susan cleaned her bag and she
was headed for the trash
i grabbed her by the arm
to preserve a future stash
if you want to see more
of the kind around
instead of throwin’ it in the garbage
why don’t you plant it in the ground

save your seeds . . . .

old john parker he certainly
was surprised
arrested by a cop after
looking in his eyes
foolishly he figured the
constitution guaranteed
his pursuit of happiness,
including smoking weed

save your seeds . . .

for thousands of years they’ve been pulling it into cloth
making oil and paper and some
pretty happy moths
if i smoke too much i may lose my voice
some of my short term memory but that’s my choice

save your seeds . . .

the salt and the sugar,
tobacco companies
beer makers, aspirin takers,
get down on your knees
time has come to award yourself
a prize
when it comes to making drugs,
they know how to legalize

save your seeds . . .

i’m sure the organic farmers all agree
it doesn’t take a miracle
to cultivate a weed

©1999 Peter Wilde

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