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i knew amanda in high school
though i can't say in knew her well
she'd invite me 'round to swim in her dad's pool
and buy an ounce of what i had to sell
we were never lovers as such and so we lost touch
she wanted to be singer songwriter
and as for me
all i wanted to be
was a stillwater firefighter

i heard Amanda joined a country band
she dated the drummer but married a farmer
i became a fireman just like i planned
a knight in shining armor
but the work was hard and my days were dark
and my nights were hardly brighter
and i became a loner
not a drinker but a stoner
and a stillwater firefighter

i got the call late last night
there was a wreck on the cimarron turnpike
the driver of the truck, he was alright
not so the rider of the bike
and it's hard to recognize a face when the eyes
have lost their inner light
but i knew right away
and i cursed the day
i became a stillwater firefighter

'cause i knew Amanda in high school

©2000 Mike West

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