Mike's Big Book of Songs

Interstate 10 - 6th Street Austin

if you found yourself paying
thirty three dollars for the first room you found
'cause prices were up with everybody down
for the big game in town
and if these horny young bucks
in black chevy trucks
cat called you 'cause you looked a little queer

Then you must've been lost in
6th street in austin
wondering why you were still here
looking for a cowboy with a college education
to buy you a mexican beer

if you found yourself flirting with a waiter
who was working at the 'ruta maya'
and you were buying more coffee
than you could afford
'cause you were bored
and he was there
and if you found yourself wondering
what would be the chances
of getting a date for
'dance across texas'

then you must have been lost in...

if you found yourself riding a taxi deciding
where you wanted to go
letting the meter roll when you realized
you didn't even know
if you found yourself sat
at the back of a bar
getting sick of the sound
of a blues guitar

then you must've been lost in...

©1993 Mike West

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