Mike's Big Book of Songs

Interstate 10 - Dinosaur

louise said to john "you never talk
when there's something on your mind
you just take that damn dog for a walk"
john said "louise, let me explain
about dinosaurs and pain.

see, if you take a long nail
and you stick it in the tail
of a dinosaur
it takes forty five minutes for the pain
to reach the brain
of a dinosaur
'cause it's a hundred feet long
and there's a lot of neurons
in a dinosaur
and that's my metaphor
it takes me a long time
to talk about my feelings"
louise said "that's fine, but
say that you love me
say it now
don't wait 'til you leave me or you hit me
or you mess it up some how
say that you love me
say it now

john said "louise, i think you've changed
yet you look and act so much the same
it's strange"
louise said, "john, well you see
it's like the galaxy
'cause it takes a million years
for the light to reach us here
from the galaxy
so what we see
is ancient history
in the galaxy
yeah, the stars that shine
are a million years behind
in the galaxy
so what you see is a fallacy
it takes me a long time
to show you what i'm feeling"
john said "that's ok, i understand
but say that you love me...

john and louise were making up
they were tired of talking
all the time it'd taken up
but louise said to john "tell me again
about dinosaurs and pain"
and john said
"if you take a long nail...

©1994 Mike West

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