Mike's Big Book of Songs

Interstate 10 - Wedding Song

i don't want to rent a suit for your wedding
i'll never get a size to fit
i won't have an usher show me my seat
i'm not with the groom and I'm not with the bride
so it doesn't matter which side i sit

i hope your marriage is long
but your wedding is short
the ceremony is over rated
i want no part in your family photograph
standing in a row with people i don't know
'cause we happen to be related

today we are all together
the aisle is our only divide
but in eight or nine years
when it comes to court
you will see who's on whose side

well, the best man's speech and the telegram readings
were all so well meaning
but everyone here will turn on each other
when the lawyers are paid and writs are made
and you start divorce proceedings
but I'm brother to the groom and a fiend of the bride
so I'm not taking sides.

©1993 Mike West

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