Mike's Big Book of Songs

New South - Dogs & Ticks

i got dogs
my dogs got ticks
ticks got lime disease
so my dogs they got sick
now i got to put em down
got to empty a full clip
i got to leave missouri honey
no good ever come of it

i got a girl
girl got a kid
kid got in trouble
god knows what he did
now we got the d.s.s.
breathing down our necks
we got to leave Missouri baby
cause i know what's coming next

i got weed
weed got me stoned
being stoned got me busted
now the cops they got my home
and the kid's got to go to grandma's house
and i got to go to jail
i got to leave Missouri
i'm gonna skip my bail
i got dogs...

i got a guitar
guitar got a crack
crack it got bigger
so i got to take it back
to the store where i got it
but they got to have a receipt
babe, i got to leave Missouri
get back on my feet

i got jesus
Jesus got me saved
being saved got me praying
now i got to behave
so i got a chance of going to heaven
honey you got to know
if i got to leave Missouri
that's where i got to go

i got dogs...

©2002 Mike West

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