Mike's Big Book of Songs

New South - New South

fraternity boys and sorority girls
are propping up a bar in oxford mississippi
while a fella who looks like he might be hippy
plays an old banjo

they're eating pepperoni pizza drinking dollar draft
watching a basketball game
it ain't no laughing matter
the rebels are getting whooped again

it's the new south like the old south
drink a co-cola take a big gulp
and the piney woods are only good for pulp
and the plantation owners all moved to the gulf
bought beach front property
while share croppers play the slots in biloxi
and these times are good for some
the rest might catch some crumbs
in the new south like the old south
speak your mind but shut your mouth
when you're talking about
the new south

well, refinery row is all aflame
and the weather report said it looks like rain
so what goes up will come down again
and land in my back yard
next to the old a/c and the kid's scooter
and that fine looking barracuda
all it needs is a cap and rotor
an ignition and a motor
and we'll be cruising
in the new south...

now they're coming from maine, pennsylvania
hollywood, transylvania
i don't know where they're coming from
but they're coming south
they complain about the heat & the goddamn roaches
and the say natchitoches like "nakidoches"
next thing you know they're your football coaches
police chiefs and mayors
in the new south...

©2002 Mike West

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