Mike's Big Book of Songs

Oddities and Rarities - Bus Driver

the bus driver knew he'd be trouble
this good looking cowboy ex-con
but the cowboy pleaded so the driver conceded
and said "ok son you can get on"
only fifteen miles out of houston
there was a crack of an opening beer in the back
the cowboy started drinking
and giving the driver flack
he said "bus driver!
heh! turn the radio on
me and my fellow passengers would like to hear a song

the bus driver liked rhythm and blues
in fact he played a little slide
but it was his radio
and that was a point of pride
so he turned on the tannoy and said
"this here is a land cruiser not a discotec
the radio will remain off for the duration of you journey"
well, that got the cowboy a little upset
he said "bus driver, hey..."

it's two hundred miles to dallas
and that's too long
to just sit here and watch the farms disappear
listening to the motor run
so come on bus driver
turn the radio on

the bus driver pulled off the road
signalled the highway patrol
requested to have a man arrested
disorderly with alcohol
an officer boarded the bus
escorted the cowboy away
hand cuffed him on the roadside in front of us
and booked him for d.w.i.
the sad part was the cowboy
had just go out of jail that day
and here he was going back
just 'cause he had the balls to say
"bus driver, hey!
turn the radio on
bus driver, hey!
turn the radio on
just about everybody deserves a song

©1993 Mike West

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