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Oddities & Rarities - Darlin O Darlin

darlin o darlin you would've been proud today
all our children were well behaved
elizabeth, julian, chris and paul
melanie and michael didn't fight at all

your grandchildren were nicely dressed in sunday best
and they sat still through the whole service
even the little baby only cried once
did better than her uncles and aunts

father tony lead the mass, o darlin he would've been your choice
he's the priest with the most serious voice
he read the gospel so clear
the baptist church a block away could hear

our good friend john gave a eulogy, made everybody laugh
he told the congregation how many times you'd taken a bath
he said "Morris knew how to make an impression
but he was a one man economic depression"

you're eldest daughter the one who's a nun
sung a song with your youngest and only banjo playing son
he played the wrong chords and she forgot her line
but otherwise they sounded fine

darlin o darlin i wish you could've been there today
and i guess you were in a different way
so many things i want to tell you dear
i'll say them any way and maybe you'll hear

darlin o darlin you would've been proud today

©1999 Mike West

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