Mike's Big Book of Songs

Oddities and Rarities - Killian's Red

do you remember how
i came up with
a name for our daughter
you read the label off
a bottle of beer
that i bought you
remember what
that label said
killian's red

I was drunk so was i
but two months later
our baby arrived
with a full head of hair
not brown not fair but red
she was baptised

and never i'll see a happier child
and never i'll sleep as sound as she slept
and never we'll cry like we wept
when she died

and do you remember
how the police questioned you
like a murderer
how none of our friends
would mention her name as though
they'd never heard of her

but we have much
to be thankful for
just look at our two sons
we're drinking too much
and we're gonna drink more
we won't appologise to any one
i think that last beer
went to my head
i read the label
and guess what it said

©1999 Mike West

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