Mike's Big Book of Songs

Oddities and Rarities - Librium

she set the deck chair in the yard
facing a four o'clock sun
she was so wrecked her mouth was dry
and she could barely feel her tongue
so she smeared sun cream on her nose
'cause her nose stuck out a mile
put on last summers bikini top
and sat out a while
then she felt better already
she felt better already
she felt better already
with a little bit of sun
a little bit of sun
a little bit of sun and librium
goes a long long way

the house was empty just for once
and she wasn't answering the phone
it wasn't often she had the chance
to have the time alone
later on she would look up her new man
her new man
an alcoholic and a crook
but someone who could understand
that she felt better already...

they met at the maudsley
in a psychiatric ward
both were drunks and both were sober
and both were terminally bored
when she got out she went six weeks dry
and that was something of a record
so last night she had to celebrate
by drinking everything she could afford
now she felt better already...

as she sat in the deck chair
she shut her eyes and smiled
and cast a shadow across the lawn
like a sun dial
she could tell it was time to change

©1993 Mike West

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