Mike's Big Book of Songs

Oddities and Rarities - Smart Ass

you've got a big black secret
and you're dying to talk about it
you say there's something i don't know about you
but i seriously doubt it
let me see if i can guess
this should be fun
are you seeing another man? yes
got it in one

i wish i wasn't always right
i wish i didn't have all the answers
you find me infuriating
'cause i never give anyone else
a chance to say a word
and that's because
whatever they say i've already heard before
ask me how wide is the world
and i will tell you to the mile
make you wish you hadn't asked
such a smart ass asshole

don't tell me when it started
i think i already know
was it that new years eve party
about eighteen months ago
how would i know when i wasn't even there
well, i am omnipresent
i'm every where
and nowhere

wish i wasn't always right...

why do i feel so helpless
if knowledge is real power
and i saw all of this coming
straight at me at a hundred miles an hour

©1993 Mike West

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