Mike's Big Book of Songs

Oddities and Rarities - Solar Powered

i took two coffees to table five
a couple of guys who'd been dancing
at a club called 'the man alive'
one of them looked at me and said
"weren't you once on tv
back in 1985"
i set his coffee down
and spilled some in the saucer
he said "you must resent this job"
i said "of course
but i don't mind working here
it's not like a career
but i get to see the sunrise
and it pays three pound an hour
and i've yet to see a sunrise
and not get a charge
i'm a pocket calculator
i'm solar powered"

i returned to the espresso machine
scolded my hand in a jet of steam
got so angry i went back
and tipped a coffee in the fucker's lap
made him scream
then he looked so pathetic
and being a waiter
i had to be apologetic
working here is not so far
from trying to be a star
'cause you get to see the sunrise...

i planned to move to texas
'cause i wanted to start again
i wanted to learn to write those
country and western tunes
the ones that go dum diddle, dum diddle ay aee
dum diddle dumdiddle ay aee
i found some work in a bar
it doesn't matter where you are
if you get to see the sunrise
and it pays three pounds an hour

©1993 Mike West

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