Mike's Big Book of Songs

Oddities and Rarities - Wild Card

we are gathered here
on this special day
to splash water on a new born baby
and bow our heads and pray
that he won't be like his father
and marry too young
the girl that he meets in college
the obvious one
may he inherit money
or just those hazel eyes
it's all in the shuffle of the genes
like the roll of a dice

so be lucky, be very very lucky
beat the odds
don't depend on your family
and don't put your trust in god
just be lucky
be very very lucky
the deck is stacked
but you may be the wild card
missing from the pack
the godfather is renouncing the devil
hoping the devil isn't listening
the baby is bawling his eyes out
well, it is his christening
on this family occasion
there are three generations
doctors, lawyers, thieves and poets
and leaders of nations
everybody's here
everybody came
to watch a priest give a bundle of lard
a blessing and a name
be lucky...

everybody's saying a little prayer for you
everybody's promising they'll be there for you
truth is none of them really even care for you
so you better be lucky...

©1995 Mike West

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