Mike's Big Book of Songs

Race That Train - If I Had A Car

if i had a car
i'd fill it up with gas
drive to the country
go lay in the grass

if i had a house
i'd paint my house yella
wash me car in the drive
like an ordinary fella
if i had a car...

if i had a fiance
i would marry her
over the threshold
i'd carry her
if i had a house...

if i had a daughter
i'd always be sweet to her
my pretty wife
would never let me beat her
if i had a wife...

if i had a son
i'd beat him with my fist
if i ever caught the boy
messin' with his sister
if i had a daughter...

if i had sense
i wouldn't sing this song
i wouldn't get drunk
and go on and on
about if i had a son...

©1997 Mike West

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