Mike's Big Book of Songs

Race That Train - Father's Son

what did i tell you 'bout playing with that kitten
that kitten got ring worm, it'll make you sick
i told you before but you wouldn't listen
i ain't gonna tell you again

get inside and get your school work done
learn to spell and do them sums
your teacher calls me and tells me your dumb
i guess that means you're your father's son
And don't chase that squirrel up the tree
that branch gonna break you're gonna scrape your knee
and then you're gonna come runnin', cryin' to me
and i'm gonna whoop you like my daddy whooped me

don't talk back don't give me no lip
don't throw rocks at the neighbors' kids
and don't hit your brother with that stick
at least not while i'm watching

i know you stole a dollar from your mother's purse
you took my last cigarette, it wasn't your first
i don't know if i'm blessed or if i's cursed
with you

and what you doin' messin' with that gun
boy, that ain't a toy you could hurt someone
kids today don't know how to have fun
unless the TV's turned on

so get inside, get your school work done...

don't pet that dog, it'll bit you
don't piss me off 'cause i just might too
i don't drink now but right now i'd like to
get hammered

stay out of trouble and stay out of range
you know how quick my mood can change
when the old man starts acting strange
there's no telling what he'll do

so get inside and get your school work done...

and what did i tell you 'bout playin with that kitten

©1997 Mike West

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