Mike's Big Book of Songs

Race That Train - Natchez Calliope

can't hear myself think, let alone talk
can't play the banjo on the damn boardwalk
when it gets to be about four o'clock
and the natchez pulls into dock

loud as a bull horn, shrill as a whistle
sore as a horse hair bow on a fiddle
rough as a rub board played with a spoon
that's the natchez calliope playin' out of tune

you can blow on a your tuba 'til you're all out of wind
you can pick your guitar 'til you break a string
i've tried 'em all, but you just can't win
'cause that calliope is driven by steam

loud as a bull horn...

i don't know why i love this city
it's so broke it's not worth fixin'
its reeds are bent and keys are missin'
it's so loud but no-one's listenin'
to the natchez calliope

©1996 Mike West

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