Mike's Big Book of Songs

Redneck Riviera - Higher Ground

take us Lord
to higher ground
i fear for our lives
i fear we will drown
started rainin'
'bout ten o'clock
and it don't look like
it's ever gonna stop

take us aboard
your heavenly ark
my motor's flooded
so the car won't start
we tried our luck
on the casino boat
should've known that flamingo
was never gonna float

take a sword lord
and deliver us
divide the waters
before the roads become rivers of blood
we've had enough
of all the killing and the flood

nothing much that we can do
but roll up our pants and wade through
no angel gonna rescue you and i

take us lord
to higher ground
get us off this little dirt mound
new orleans is sunk
but she we went down singing
and went down drunk

was nothing much that we could do
but roll up our pants and wade through
no angel came to rescue you and i

©1995 Mike West

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