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Redneck Riviera - Redneck Riviera

lets go to florida darlin'
you get the cooler, i'll get packed
leave a note with a neighbor
"please feed the cat 'til we get back"
let's go to florida baby
you know you deserve it, yeah you do
you've been bustin' your butt
i've been worn out just watching you

pensacola, santa rosa, san destin
everybody knows
they got the whitest sand and the greenest ocean
in the redneck riviera

let's go to florida darlin'
We'll pitch our tent in the dunes, though the bible teaches
only a foolish man builds his house on sand
but down in florida they put condominiums on the beaches
let's go to florida darlin'
you know it's the right thing to do
new orleans is so old and tired
down in florida everything's brand new
like pensacola...

once we lock that front door behind us
we are lost and we don't want anyone to find us
friends may knock, yell,
throw rocks at our window and ring our bell
wondering where in the hell we've gone
to hell with them, come on
let's take a long weekend in

©1995 Mike West

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