Mike's Big Book of Songs


i'm here in California in the hollywood hills
looking down at the reservoir as the wind sends chills
down my back
i feel you closer to me
here among the mansions and the eucalypt trees
than i ever did before

and it's two thousand and two
but it could be nineteen fifty
it could be you standing here instead of me
and i think i can almost understand
why you wanted all of this and

now i'm in somebody's garden i don't know who's yard it is
but i think it belongs to some rich lady artist
it's all flowers and cement and tile
and you sit with me here for a while
you always show up when i least expect you

and you shake me up pretty damn bad
and i don't want no one to ask me why i look sad
so i turn my back to face the wall
'til you finally leave and my friend's call
we've got a gig tonight we got to get to

now i'm here at the ocean watching seals play
the sun is low cause it's late in the day
and this is the ocean that goes all the way
from l.a.
to australia

it's the ocean you crossed in a sea plane
back when coca-cola still had cocaine
and you flew east chasing the moon
hoping that hollywood would bring you fortune
and not just failure

now i'm waiting for a sign
but it never comes
i just sit and watch the ocean swallow up the sun
and i don't believe in spirits and ghosts
but there in the hollywood hills
i almost did

©2003 Mike West

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