Mike's Big Book of Songs

Tug Boat Captain

tug boat captain he got nerves of steel
that lock ain't no wider than the eye of a needle
six coal barges ain't no fine cotton thread
and the muddy river bottom ain't no box spring bed

put on your shoes honey go grab your coat
we'll walk up to the river watch them old tug boats
i can not tell you why love grow cold
anymore than i can tell you where they're taking that coal

tug boat captain...

you & me honey we gone from bad to worse
when something big is set in motion you can't throw it in reverse
what we pushing here is heavier by far
than anything they got in that old coal barge

tug boat captain...

come on baby let's sit out on them rocks
where them kids is cat fishing let's go see what they caught
as smart as you are and as tough as i am
i think we've pushed this heavy load about as far as we can

tug boat captain...

©2003 Mike West

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